Eliza Hardy Jones is from Philadelphia and she makes music. A trained classical pianist who made the leap to the electric landscape, Eliza has played in Buried Beds, Nightlands, Strand of Oaks and Grace Potter's band. Now she is setting out on her own, recording a solo album full of poetic, emotionally raw lyrics paired with production that feels at once futuristic and classic. And at the center is Eliza's voice, which is natural, strong and unaffected.

The album was recorded and produced by Brian McTear, Nick Krill (Spinto Band/Teen Men), and David Hartley (The War On Drugs/Nightlands). It is strongly rhythmic, with synthesizers and guitars dotting the landscape but never obscuring it. Song structures range from classic pop to avant garde.

2016 will find Eliza debuting her solo project as a full live band, with shows in Philadelphia and beyond, with collaborators from the album and with new faces. She is excited to share the world she has created.


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